The benefits of consuming codfish



Codfish is a lean fish, easily digestible and part of the traditional portuguese cuisine.  It is also one of the most appreciated fishes by portuguese consumers.

Sold preferably dried salt, codfish can also be found on the market already desalted and frozen, fresh or in fillets and slices. The ancestral process of salting and drying is natural, thus preserving its nutritional properties.

Codfish, like other fishes, is very rich in high biological value protein, minerals like iodine, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium and B vitamins. Being a lean fish, its liver is the main reservoir of fat from which is extracted the known codfish liver oil, rich in vitamins A and D, very important in the prevention of numerous diseases.

Codfish is also a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 fatty acid, which helps protect the cardiovascular system, prevent cancer and aids the development of the immune system.

The option for recipes that favor its nutritional value is advisable, as in case of boiled, grilled, stewed and baked low-fat.

For more information visit the website of The World's Healthiest Foods.

How to desalt codfish

1. Wash your steaks or loins in cold running water

2. Soak always in cold water (preferably refrigerated)

3. During the first hour change the water 2 or 3 times

4. During the remaining timechange the water 2 times a day

5. During the soaking keep the codfish at the bottom of your refrigerator

6. The total duration of soaking depends on the thickness of codfish and on your personal taste; nevertheless, verify that the pieces hve significantly increased thickness and regained a smooth consistency

How to desalt shredded codfish

1. Wash the shredded codfish in tap water

2. Soak it in cold water (preferably refrigerated)

3. During the first hour the water should be changed 1 or 2 times

4. One morning or 3/4 hourswill be enough to soak this producthowever make sure it is at your taste

How to desalt codfish tongues and medallions

1. Wash the codfish under running water

2. Soak it in cold water (preferably refrigerated) and this is expected to be higher than the amount included in the box

3. During the day change the water 3 to 4 times per day

4. The soak of this product is concluded from one day to the next; nevertheless try to verify if it is at your taste

One thousand tons of codfish consumed on christmas eve by the portuguese


It is estimated that 78% of the portuguese families elect codfish as the main christmas eve meal; between ten to fifteen tons of codfish are sold in Portugal in the last quarter of each year. Ten to 15 thousands tons!

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